Do you ever wish that bookkeeping really was

as simple as actually keeping a book?

Well, we can’t make it that easy. But we can get very close.

The first thing you should know is this:

You’re not alone.


Other business owners in Brisbane, throughout Australia, and across the globe regularly list bookkeeping as one of the most frustrating and time-consuming aspects of running a company.


Here at Liberty Wealth Group, this issue annoys us. A lot.

We believe that people who own a business need – and want – to be channeling 100% of their time, attention, and efforts into developing their business and planning for its future. But, instead, they get bogged down in all the technicalities of tedious bookkeeping. Rather than focusing on the exciting business possibilities of tomorrow, they’re stuck with the task of recording things from yesterday.

If this is sounding all too familiar, you simply need to have your bookkeeping done by professionals.Business bookeeping

For our bookkeeping clients, we use Xero. Their automation software makes things easier, quicker, and less expensive. And – as you can imagine – we pass those benefits straight on to you. That’s why we can offer fantastic bookkeeping services at the prices of a competitive bookkeeper, even though we’re qualified accountants.

We’ll also handle your Business Activity Statements (BAS), because we’re dedicated to being the central resource for all your financial and wealth management needs.


If carefree and affordable bookkeeping sounds like a weight off your shoulders, give us a call on 07 3391 6444 or visit us at one of our three great locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. You can also contact us through our website.