Free Consultation Financial Health Check

Free Consultation – Financial Health Check

Financial planning is to most people an unknown and scary world.  Would you like a professional accountant and financial advisor to cut through the information and explain the issues to you?

Liberty Wealth Group has a policy of discussing strategies and exploring them with you to help you understand and take control and ownership of your financial future.

We can show you where you are now, where you will be when you retire, then show you with an investment plan where you could be.

A FREE HALF HOUR no- obligation CONSULTATION is offered to all clients to better get to know your personal situation, and the concerns you may have now and for the future.  This personal approach then allows us to recognise areas where we may be able to assist YOU to gain financial freedom.

Discussions and action plan will consider the following –

  • Your present financial situation
  • Strategies to create financial freedom
  • Guidance and support in your financial journey
  • Tailoring the plan to your wants, needs and expectations
  • Concerns about different classes of investments

We at Liberty Wealth Group can guide you through the maze of financial jargon.

Contact us today for an appointment. 

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